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PS-This is my last youtube post of the day.  I lied, so sue me.



I’m sort of anti-Nike(other than the fucking Yeezys) but these are fresh for the ladies this summer.

Spit That Crack Vol. 2-Battle of the Century!!!

This weeks spit that crack comes in the form of a battle, my man Envy vs. the underdog Eli.  Let’s go in.

They robbed my man ELi, “Look at this dude he need to stay in the shade, ain’t no wonder why he came out, he already in the gay parade//”  That right there was the fatality, he ain’t have to keep going after that one.  Fuck the verdict Eli, you got that one dog.

The Intro of…OsO

whats good world ? I go by the Name Of  OsO, im a Another member of the 4flyguyz, im a music head and i like fashion and dancing(Krumping & Flexing & poplocking) so expect some things of that nature from me and a bunch of random stuff that i find on the internet that i might want to share with yall. so stay tuned, and come along for the ride, This is the 4Flyguyz show!